• Please e-mail your Toyo Bucks certificates to sales@trackdaytire.com.
  • Please send them to us a minimum of 15 days prior to expiration.
  •  We will submit them for redemption credit with Toyo.
  • When approved we will upload them into your TrackDayTire.com account associated with the submission e-mail address --- and--- send you an e-mail notification that the bucks are approve for a purchase. 
  • With the approval e-mail -click on the Toyo tire below, choose the size for your track day vehicle and redeem your Bucks during checkout by using the code in your account or also listed in the e-mail sent to you from each Toyo Buck submission to TrackDayTire.com
  • Any questions or if you prefer to process the order over the phone, please don't hesitate to call us at 239-789-6179

Proxes R888R

The Proxes R888R is an evolution of the race-winning R888. It has an improved contact patch delivering even faster lap times and better dry handling

Proxes R888

The Proxes R888 is for drivers who know what it means to really push a car on the track.

Proxes R1R

The Proxes R1R is a UTQG treadwear 200 tire with an aggressive footprint and high-grip compound.

Proxes RR

The RR is race-ready off the shelf with a 4/32 inch-deep tread, the Proxes RR delivers consistent lap times and predictable handling on dry tracks

Proxes RA1

The design and components of the Proxes RA1 came from Toyo's experience in winning races all over the world.

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